Pollution Laws

Information on laws

–Disposal of residues and noxious materials from chemical tankers


  • Use port reception facilities.
  • Know MARPOL limits for chemical residue being handled.
  • Know hazard information about chemical residue being handled.

Ways to prevent pollution

cleaning the tank

Ways to prevent pollution

The crew and officers should discuss safety and environmental concerns, reviewing any written documentation jointly, before an operation that has the potential to create pollution begins. The recommendations listed here provide some factors to consider, but you should follow your ship’s protocol.


What happens if you or another crew member violates a U.S. pollution law?

In the last few years, seafarers entering United States waters have encountered vigorous and frequent investigations into and prosecutions of environmental crimes and related offenses. These prosecutions usually involve a charge of deliberate discharge of oil by someone (or multiple people) aboard the vessel. More often, officials bring charges against persons who tried to cover up the action through false record book entries.



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