–What are the types of marine pollution?

no plastic in water
Marine pollution can take many forms, such as:


  • Plastics thrown into the sea can stay there for many years and harm marine life. A huge number of marine animals die every year from either ingesting or becoming entangled in plastic trash.

–What Impact Do Humans Have on the Marine Environment?


Human activity can alter the oceans with:

  • Natural resource development (e.g., offshore drilling)
  • Aquaculture (e.g., farm-raised fish)
  • Shipping
    —Pollution (e.g., oil, chemicals, trash, sewage)
    —Exotic Species Introduction
    (i.e. ships moving from place to place bring organisms with them to places where they don’t belong, disrupting the local marine environment)

–What Is the Marine Environment?

Oceans, covering over 70% of our planet (i.e. 139 million square miles, or 360 million square kilometers):

  • Contain 97% of the earth’s water
  • Marine ecosystems hold 80% of all life on the planet

science of marine environment


What is marine pollution?


Marine pollution occurs when hazardous materials enter the ocean. These materials can come from:

  • Marine transportation
  • Marine dumping
  • Offshore facilities

Because of the vastness and complexity of marine ecosystems, we may not always know the extent of marine pollution’s effects.

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