–Transferring liquid cargoes or fuels

vent hoses to drainDON’T:

  • Don’t top off tanks at full loading rate. Go slowly.
  • Don’t disconnect hoses before they have drained. Remember to vent them so they can drain.

Before starting, DO:

discuss safety plan

  • Have a safety briefing. Discuss hazards and safety equipment.
  • Have suitable absorbent material available on deck.
  • Plug deck scuppers.
  • Have portable emergency transfer pump ready.
  • Close all sea valves and overboard valves.
  • Establish communication between off-loading vessel and on-loading vessel. Arrange an emergency stop signal.

During pumping, DO:

  • Check the sea regularly for signs of leaks.
  • Ensure good communication between people on deck and people in cargo control room.
  • Leave enough ullage (empty space) in cargo tanks for line drainage and thermal expansion.